Music Theory

Music Theory: The Basic Principles

The Basic Principles of Music theory allows us to understand the language of music. It is a set of guidelines and practices used to recognize the different ways to express emotions with sound. 

The Basic Principles of music theory include…

  1. Composition – Activity or Process of creating music.
  2. Form – The shape and structure of music. Basically, the way the music is organized.
  3. Genre – A certain type or category of music
  4. Harmony – Two or more notes played at the same time to create chords
  5. Rhythm – Grouping of music sounds by duration and intensity.
  6. Texture – The way something feels. The mood the music

The basic elements of music are…

  • Duration – The length of the note. Ex: Quater note, Half note, Whole note
  • Intensity – Also is known as the volume, or how loud or soft the sound is.
  • Pitch – The quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations producing it; the degree of highness or lowness of a tone.
  • Timbre – The character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.

And so…

Getting lessons on instruments is really not hard these days. Whether it be youtube, online programs, etc; they’re all there for us. Going the youtube route is free. Although, you might need a structured way of learning. This is why online programs may be good for people as it is structured, but it comes at a cost. Either way, the main thing to never forget is time. Putting in the work to learn your craft is the only way you can genuinely get better.

There are many different programs to try out there and you can become a master.

  1. Youtube(free)
  2. Rocket Piano(for piano players)
  3. Jamorama(for guitar players)
  4. Singorama(for singers)
  5. Virtual Sheet Music ®

This is just the surface on the basic principles of music theory. Don’t stop here. Just remember that it takes time and dedication.

Music theory
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