About Us

Hello, welcome to verified keys, our website is all about musical equipment. We are dedicated to review and find the best instruments and believe that there is an instrument for everyone, to be able to enjoy playing music while benefiting from its positive effects. In today’s world, a lot of people are becoming “Do it yourself”, and we want provide help the best way we can. We have a deep connection with music and instruments for years and have grown together along with the music industry. Through the experience accumulated we have transformed from traditional acoustic instruments to modern hi-tech musical instruments and equipment. If you are interested in electronic and digital musical solutions equipped with the latest technology, you are at the right place we are the specialists for you and will review the best products for you. 

How do we work? 

We work with different sellers who are willing to provide their best services so you can get the right product. We are reader supported, so we may get a commission if you buy through our links. We spend hours in finding the best products at the lowest prices to display, so you don’t need to spend time in searching. Although, we do encourage you to visit other sources to make your decision. What we actually earn depends upon a lot of factors, such as the actual price of the product and link we are sharing with it.  

Why verified keys? 

We think that music and musical instruments are one of the greatest things exist in the universe. We understand that finding the right instrument that would suit your personality needs is not a piece of cake. It is extremely important to find the right instrument that perfectly fits so you can showcase your creativity and ensure the best playing experience. So we put all over efforts to gather the most important information about top products so we can guide you in finding the perfect one and we constantly work to update the information on this site so you can always know everything you are looking for. 

What’s more About Verified Keys? 

Our prime focus is to help musicians finding the right instrument so we write for humans, not for the press release or robots. That’s the reason you may feel our reviews are simple and explaining yet down to earth as if we’re actually opening the door for you to step inside our thought process of how and why the instrument is reviewed.  

What’s more? We try to breakdown the utilization of instruments like will it be suitable for beginners or created keeping an expert in mind. Even if you want to utilize it for other purposes like teaching or learning, we do our best to keep reader informed about anything and everything related to instruments. So, no matter you are a student, teacher a DJ or simply someone who loves music and instruments, Verified keys aims to be best of best online resources for reviews related to instruments. Our Aim is to be your favourite resource for reading reviews of our beloved instruments as well as helpful tips and recommendations and keep you informed and updated.