Alesis v49 MIDI Keyboard: Official Review

Alesis v49 MIDI Keyboard Review

Alesis v49


  • Keyboard: 49 Keys, velocity-sensitive, full range of 127 MIDI notes with Octave Up/Down buttons or transposition
  • Pads: 8 assignable pads, velocity-sensitive, blue-backlit
  • Knobs: 4 assignable 270° knobs, blue-backlit
  • Buttons: 4 assignable buttons, blue-backlit
  • Inputs/Outputs: 1 USB port, 1 x 1/4″ (6.35mm) TS footswitch input
  • Power: via computer USB bus
  • Alesis V49 Dimensions: (WxDxH) 37.6″ x 9.6″ x 4.5″ / 95.5cm x 24.4cm x 11.4cm
  • Alesis V49 Weight: 9.5lbs / 4.3kg


Alesis V49 midi keyboard

The Alesis V49 is a powerful, intuitive MIDI controller that lets you take command of your computer’s music software without giving up your capacity for dynamic performances.

With 49 full-size keys and 8 MPC-style drum pads, you’re already well set up. The V49 adds to that pitch and modulation wheels, and four assignable knobs and buttons to open and close filters, adjust volume levels, activate effects, tweak parameters, and more.



Going by the market offer, most of the known best MIDI keyboard controllers are either stylish or functional.

When it is stylish, the functionality may not be significant and, the vice versa. In a situation where both features combine in one great MIDI keyboard, expect to pay on the high side.

But with Alesis V49, you’re sure to get a visually appealing and functional MIDI keyboard at an affordable price.

Feeling relieved, right? Let’s delve in the more to unveil what you can get with Alesis.


Without argue, the most significant selling point of Alesis V49 is in its grand design plus the keyboard.

The v49 is famous for its sturdy chassis and use of high-density plastic. Same goes to the keyboard; the keys don’t wiggle about sideways or rattle in one place. 

Unlike other MIDI keyboards in the same category, banging on the keys leaves you without any worry about keys becoming loose.

The keys are a remarkable feature in this segment.


Alesis sacrifices the features of full-size piano-style keys for an optimum user’s experience.

The manufacturer also ensures that other elements of a full-size keyboard come alongside the v49 MIDI keyboard.

Apart from the standard 49 keys, the keyboard also features six buttons, two jog wheels with rubber coat, four programmable knobs, and eight programmable trigger pads.

The feature extends to the addition of a sustain pedal, which is unusual in most MIDI controllers.

The Alesis v49 midi packs more than enough for every beginner and intermediate.

With so many features, it’s affordable for users who want to maximize the potentials of a MIDI controller.

While some experienced users are looking for more in a MIDI keyboard, many production studios are already thanking Alesis.

You can comfortably use the Alesis v49 with both Windows and Mac OS. Also, the product comes with a set of software that features many impressive titles, which includes Ableton Live Lite 9.


While great design is essential, performance is utmost. 

What is the performance of Alesis v49 midi keyboard?

Without gainsaying, the response is “excellent performance.”

Getting used to the layout of the control buttons may take some time, but when you do, it becomes straightforward every time.

The keys are full size in nature and very responsive too, with some of the higher-end controllers.

These are features that give an optimum keyboard performance and hence, loved by most piano players.

The wheels and knobs are firm, feeling accurate, and awesome to use.

It also has excellent compatibility with DAWs and across other platforms, making its performance outstanding.


In this Alesis v49 MIDI Keyboard Review, we have been able to draw out that this MIDI keyboard controller is top-notch for anyone.

It’s not only built on gorgeous design but also excellent in performance.

With the full-size keys and superb features, getting the most out of it wouldn’t be difficult.

Even at an affordable price, you’ll get a functional, versatile, and nice-looking MIDI keyboard controller.

Save yourself from spending more on quality MIDI keyboard tomorrow by purchasing one today.

Alesis v49 MIDI keyboard controller – Your #1 best for optimum productions!

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Music is my Passion. And Keywords are my Love. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right equipment for your taste. So, I continuously publish researched guides and information for those who seek.

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Music is my Passion. And Keywords are my Love. Sometimes it's hard to find the right equipment for your taste. So, I continuously publish researched guides and information for those who seek.

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