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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Keyboards

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Keyboards

Digital keyboards are great for the studio. If you’re not convinced let me show you some advantages to consider:

  1. Cost – Nowadays you can get a nice digital keyboard for less than $100 dollars. Additionally, its a one time buy and you don’t spend money on maintenance.
  2. Portability– You can take your keyboard anywhere and get to work on ideas. From studio to studio, it can be quite a convenience.
  3. Connectivity– Keyboards have evolved to have a range of connectivity for playback. Whether it be on the speakers or computer, all you would need is a USB midi.
  4. Recording– With connectivity playing a part, this allows musicians to record into software and capture sounds or ideas.
  5. Number of keys – Keyboards are available with various numbers of keys. This can range from 25 on small MIDI controllers up to 88.

More to consider

  1. Weighted Action -Weighted, semi-weighted, synth, and hammer action each offer a different feel. Weighted and semi-weighted actions have a response similar to a traditional piano. Hammer action adds actual mechanical hammers to enhance this response even more. Synth-action is more like an organ. There is no resistance and the keys can be played very fast.
  2. Velocity sensitivity – The ability of a keyboard to sense the force or speed when you hit the key.
  3. Polyphony – The number of sounds a keyboard can make at one time. Keyboards with large polyphonic power and sufficient instrument voices can copy an entire orchestra.
  4. Multitimbrality – The ability of a keyboard to play different sounds at once. Multitimbrality is not polyphony.

These are all the points to consider. Furthermore, remember that it doesn’t have to be too stressful when picking out a Digital Keyboard. They each have their own qualities and can be a great addition to your studio.

There are many great high-quality keyboards out there. At affordable rates too. It wouldn’t hurt to own one just to practice with. Or maybe to perform. Whether it be Yamaha, Casio, Korg. They all provide keyboards that can contribute to your creativity.

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