Guide on Synthesizers

A Guide on Synthesizers and why you should own one

A Guide on Synthesizers and why you should own one

Owning a synthesizer is usually on the list among musicians as they produce sounds from scratch. Meaning, they create from oscillators emitting it from the source. The sounds are pure and natural compared to an instrument in a DAW. In addition, there are many synths out there that you should try. Heck, if you can try all of them go for it. Most importantly, you should know that this is an investment. Cordially, make sure you do your research.

Behold, here are some notable Synths in the market

  1. Korg MicroKorg
  2. Novation Mini Nova
  3. Arturia Microfreak
  4. Korg Minilougue

Synthesizers of all sizes and shapes come with the basic components which enables it to produce the sound: a filter, the modulation function, and the oscillator. The oscillator becomes the first component which assists the synthesizers in producing the sound. You may consider it as the first source of a sound. The power voltage being fed to an oscillator generates the electrons that form one of the five types of the waveforms

The oscillators, however, can also control the sound’s frequency or a pitch level. The frequency is a speed of vibration of every waveform. It is measured in Hertz (Hz). When the frequency is faster, the pitch level will be higher. If the pitch level is high, it will help you differentiate the key of every sound produced by the synthesizers. Once the sound is produced through the oscillator, the timbre of the sound is modified through the help of the filter. The synthesizer filter blocks particular frequencies in the sounds and enables others to pass through to the sound differently from the original sound.

This is the guide on synthesizers. Check out these articles down below to go more in-depth.

Guide on Synthesizers
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Guide on Synthesizers
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Guide on Synthesizers
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