Home Recording Studio

Setting up a Home Recording Studio For under $350

Home Recording Studio For under $350

Think of buying items for the home studio as adding more weapons to your arsenal. The more equipment you have, the more creative room you make space for. You don’t need everything in the world, but usually, just the basics which include a…

  1. Computer
  2. DAW
  3. An audio interface
  4. Condenser Microphone
  5. Headphones
  6. Speakers (if you have more change to spare)

The cost of these items can range anywhere from $500-$10,000, naturally, but you spend just up to $350. For a beginner at least. If you can get these items for less at your local pawn shop or goodwill, then, by all means, go for it.

To go more in-depth

  1. Computer– You would need this in your home recording studio to use your DAW on. Any starting the computer is fine. All you need is a good amount of ram and CPU.
  2. DAW – The digital audio workstation is where the magic happens. You would need this to actually record your mix and edit them. Notable ones out there are Pro tools, Fl studio, Ableton, etc.
  3. An audio interface – An audio interface needed for Microphone or instrument connection if you plan on recording live sound. A good one is the Focusrite Scarlette 212.
  4. Condenser Microphone – A condenser microphone would be needed to record vocals. Or instruments.
  5. Headphones – Having headphones to your home recording studio is crucial. Mainly for mixing or recording. It doesn’t matter the quality. Pick one to get started with and get used to. You will start training your ears to get used to the sound, which can help with mixing.
  6. Speakers (if you have more change to spare) – Get some speakers if you have an extra couple bucks lying around. It gives you another perspective on music when mixing.

Finally, building a home recording studio can be fun. You can do it for under $350.

Home Recording Studio
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