midi keyboard review

The Ultimate Guide to the Midi Keyboard

Midi Keyboard Guide

Previously, A few years ago you would need about 5 other equipment to do one job. As technology advances jobs become simpler. Now you can have everything in one package. An example of this such as the Midi Controller. They’re usually equipped with…

  1. A Drum Pad
  2. Velocity-sensitive Keys
  3. Appregiator
  4. Assignable Knobs

Drum Pad

A midi keyboard usually comes with a drum pad. You can assign sounds and samples to the pads. You can either use a DAW or the software it comes with when you purchase.

Velocity Sensitive Keys

Just like it say in the title. The key to the midi is usually velocity-sensitive. This means the sounds you play may come out soft or loud depending on how you hit the keys. This is beneficial because this allows you to create a dynamic range and it makes the soundtrack more interesting.


An arpeggiator allows the player to automatically step through a sequence of notes based on the player’s input. Most often from a keyboard MIDI controller, thus creating an arpeggio. This can add some variation to your chord progressions.

Assignable Knobs

Consider the assignable knobs so you can get a picture of live mixing. You can connect the knobs on the Midi to a DAW to adjust levels. Or mix in general. This gives better precision when adjusting for levels.

Additionally, they are affordable and usually high quality. If you have a little more to spend you can get more features. There are a lot of great ones out there for around 99 bucks.

If you don’t know where to start, learn more by checking out the Midi Keyboard Guide.

Midi Keyboard Guide
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