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Yamaha Reface

The Yamaha Reface Synthesizer Keyboard: Best Official Review

Yamaha Reface Review Yamaha began asserting its dominance on the electronic keyboard landscape decades ago. The Reface range stands out as one of their more interesting series of products. There were four Yamaha Reface models and each one epitomized a particular aspect of the company’s history. Yahama Reface DX…

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Novation MiniNova Synthesizer Official Review

Novation Mininova Novation MiniNova Synthesizer Small yet beastly, Novation’s MiniNova 37-mini-key synthesizer/vocoder gives you robust performance controls that let you tweak and warp 256 great-sounding onboard presets – and your voice – in real-time. Under the bonnet, MiniNova sports the same potent synth engine as…