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The Best Available Free Daw Software

The Best Available Free Daw software in 2019!

As musicians, we all know how expensive this career can be.

We no longer have to be performers or songwriters any more, but we also have to become marketers of our own product, we are forced to learn how to sell our music.

That is what music is about in 2019.

We also have to find ways to produce our own songs not only because we enjoy it (which we do)

but also because we are always in the need of reducing our expenses no matter what.

And of course,

you and I have been getting better at playing our instruments and every day we are learning new things on how to record our voices, our instruments and we end up mixing a complete set of audio tracks that become our beloved songs

totally produced by ourselves, at our “home-self-made” music studio,

which makes it even more special.

So if you felt every word you just read

well, that’s because you are a musician

and a very good one probably.

Its 2019, and you have been investing hours of your time searching for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at very low rates or if you’re one of mine, at zero cost.

If that’s your case, here’s a list of the Best Available FREE Daw software in 2019:


As of May 13 of 2019, they just released their latest version (2.3.2) which is a very good signal.

This means they’re keeping the software updated and yes, for free.

This has been a very popular open-source program for many years now.

Available for the different OS, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux.

It includes a whole set of basic presets, and effects, also samples, filters, compressors, limiters, reverbs, phasers, among others.

It is good for editing and converting audio. Audacity should definitely be the first option for any musician in the search of a Free DAW.

Pro Tools First:

Daw Software free

This is a free version of the well-known Pro Tools software.

It is a lighter version of course, and it is recommended especially for people that are used to Pro Tools.

This Daw supports playback for up to 16 audio tracks and allows you to record of up to 4 tracks at the same time.

It also includes 20 plugins and effects and the virtual instrument Xpand!2.

Of course, on the other hand, there are limitations in some fields because that’s what a “lite” version is about.

For example,

there is no input monitoring or VCA mixing on this version. Or if your plan is to use samples and loops as in the paid Pro Tools, you won’t find a lot of these.

An important note about PT First is that you can’t locally save your files. Files must be saved in the cloud and this has been a major complaint by the users.

This been said, my conclusion is PT First still is a great option for those who are just starting to learn how to use a DAW.

Ableton Live 9 Lite:

This is a very good software for recording and editing as well.

Users that are looking for DAWs for MIDI sequencing, sampling, and electronic music production, this is totally an option you should consider.

It contains virtual instruments (drum sampler/sampling instrument) and effects for you to get it done.

It contains plugins like EQ, compressor, delay, reverb, and analog filter among others.

Limitation users are pointing out is that you can use no more than 16 audio/midi tracks per session, so that’s important to know.

Tracktion 7:

This is a fantastic workstation since you can be highly creative while using it and its features, but not the DAW I would recommend in case you’re looking for a little bit more professional mixing.

The good thing about Tracktion 7 is its lovely interface.

This means, it is user-friendly, you will find it very easy to use.

It offers multiple browsers which can be very helpful.

On the other hand, when you’re on single-screen mode, it can get really crowded and this may not be appropriate for heavy-duty mixing.


It was known before as Sonar, so if you heard about Sonar before, you know what I’m going to talk about.

BandLab Technologies just released an updated version of this software under the name of Cakewalk.

The full version costs $499 – $599.

You can get the lite version at $0 only by registering on their website: https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk and signing up for it.

This one is very similar to the ones listed before, but whit a very important advantage to point out: Unlimited audio tracks.


as you read it, you can enjoy unlimited Audio, MIDI, Instrument, Loop, and Auxiliary Tracks in every project.

It also has many instruments for four build, a variety of studio-quality effects and compatibility for Windows.


In the opinion of many users, this could be the best option if you are looking for a FREE Daw.

Zynewave Podium includes many valuable features as well.

It’s considered by some to has by far the most user-friendly graphical interface and it runs pretty well on low-end PC’s.

The workaround is completely intuitive, this allows users to learn its functions and menus quickly and without even noticing since almost any of them are self-explanatory.

It contains all of the necessary functions in case you are professional or not professional songwriter, singer, producer or any type of composer looking to create music on a Free Daw.

There are plenty of virtual instruments that offer a variety of rich sounds that will push your creativity to another limit.

It offers Powerkit Drums, Bass, Guitars, Synths, Strings, Pianos, Percussion and of course the required MIDI support for them.

Podium is a great option for a free music workstation.

My conclusion

for all of the free daw software above is that all of these programs have many a lot of things in common and in the end, it’s going to be about what you like more, what you need more and what you are used to more.

If you want to learn more about Paid daws click here.

The Best Available Free Daw Software
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The Best Available Free Daw Software
You can get Pro Tools, Ableton, and many other daw software for free without the cracked version. We will provide you the names with links.
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