Casio SA-46

The Casio SA-46 Digital Keyboard: Best Official Review

Casio SA-46

The Casio SA-46 looks small and colorful and fun, and that is intentional.

Casio made it with children in mind.

It isn’t what you might call a serious piano.

This is what you give to a precocious child to either spark their interest in the piano or to gauge whether or not they have any musical talent.

Casio SA-46

More than just a toy, though small children will have lots of fun playing it right from the start. The SA-46 mini keyboard comes with a new sound source and 8-note polyphony. It includes 100 tones and 50 rhythms and features a simple change-over switch between the piano and organ sound. Also, don’t forget about the cool retro design




The SA-46 is small but you shouldn’t let that fool you. It has plenty of unexpected features, for instance:

1). 32 keys

2). 100 tones

3). 10 songs

4). 50 rhythms

5). LCD Display

6). Speakers

7). Drum Pads (5)

8). Eight-note polyphony

9). Headphone socket


At 18 inches x 9 inches x 2.7 inches and 2.2 pounds, this is such a small, lightweight keyboard, designed to fit perfectly within your child’s hands.

The entire product is encased in tough, textured plastic.

The customers who have used it attest to its durability.

It isn’t waterproof but the keyboard will survive a lot of the punishment your child throws at it.

That includes water spills.

Though, it shouldn’t be submerged.

The textured plastic casing is easy to clean, which is a bonus.

The bottom is a bright green color.

You will also observe a green strip winding through the black casing on the topside, and a big, green button.

This is supposed to add an element of fun.

The 32 keys are small in size, obviously built with children’s small fingers in mind.

The LCD screen is small but the size is sufficient for navigating the menu and following the lessons.

You get a headphone output jack for parents who want their children to practice without causing a disturbance.

Overall, the Casio SA-46 looks and feels like a fun and exciting portable keyboard for children.

Casio SA-46

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The SA-46 comes with 100 instrument tones.

Unlike the tones you find in an ordinary piano, these have a cartoonish quality to them.

The 50 rhythms provided cater to a variety of musical styles.

The rubber drum buttons are located above the keys.

They are five in total and some audio enthusiasts have complained that they are too loud.

But kids probably won’t care.

The 8-tone polyphony will come as a surprise because you wouldn’t expect a keyboard that looks like this to have polyphony in the first place.

Obviously, the tuning controls are simplified.

But their presence makes this piano worth the price Casio demands.

Pay close attention to the screen.

The keyboard has lessons that will guide children through the learning process.

The display, though small, will come in handy in this situation.

The lessons are easy to follow.

If you give your child space, they can figure everything out on their own.


1). The piano can be powered by batteries.

2). It is small, compact, and thus, portable.

3). You get ten stored songs, fifty rhythms, and one hundred instrument tones.

4). There are eight levels of polyphony

5). The product comes with piano lessons


1). You can’t reduce the volume of the drums

2). No transposing option


The Casio SA-46 has a fun design.

You can get it in a multitude of colors.

For its price, it comes with a lot more features than most people expect out of a children’s keyboard, including…

a bevy of tones, songs, and rhythms, the headphone jack and eight levels of polyphony.

This is as good as a children’s keyboard gets.

Casio SA-46

Music is my Passion. And Keywords are my Love. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right equipment for your taste. So, I continuously publish researched guides and information for those who seek.


Music is my Passion. And Keywords are my Love. Sometimes it's hard to find the right equipment for your taste. So, I continuously publish researched guides and information for those who seek.

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