PreSonus audio box

The Presonus Audio Box: Official Review

PreSonus audio box

People love the Presonus audio box because it is budget-friendly.

To be fair, there are plenty of budget-friendly interfaces on the market today.

But this is as good as most of them, possibly even better, and yet it is cheaper.

Some info

You have mic and instrument inputs that enable you to play, sing, and record simultaneously once you connect your microphone and instruments.

It can do so much from the comfort of your computer.

It shouldn’t require a decent sound card to maximize the functions of the interface.

You have support for the average audible frequency range for humans at your fingertips.

Again, while you can find budget-friendly interfaces, many of them are unlikely to offer A/D converters with a dynamic range reaching 102dB and neither will you find pre-amps this good, not unless you are willing to cough up even more money.

PreSonus audio box

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There is a reason why the brand keeps winning awards.

You can get the Presonus audio box in numerous designs.

The interface typically features a rugged aesthetic with a strong, durable shell that can contend with the abuse that interfaces have been known to suffer.

This attracts people that are always on the move.

They also like how small it can be, available in various colors and styles.

You can take it with you on the road and it will never feel like a burden.

If some of the loud areas you will traverse have you worried, the headphone output is ridiculously loud.

You will hear your music as clearly as you desire regardless of the chaos in your immediate vicinity.

Because of the USB component, so long as you have a laptop on hand, you can record anytime and anywhere.

Free software

The company is generous enough to offer the Presonus Studio One Artist DAW license freely.

Their interface is compatible with any recording software you might encounter on Windows or Mac.

As such, you have every tool you require to organize world-class recording sessions regardless of your location.

Because the Presonus community is so active…

you can trust that there is always someone online willing to offer guidance and assistance whenever the need arises.

Though, most people will find that Studio One Artist is quite easy to master, even without help.


1). Sturdy and durable

2). Portable

3). You get a wide-ranging suite of plugins each of which can transform your sound dramatically.

4). Amazing pre-amps

5). Affordable


1). No ADAT expandability

2). No S/PDIF expandability


The Presonus Audio Box is hard to beat because it brings so much to the table despite its affordable price tag.

If it is complemented by Presonus’ other offerings, the interface has every tool you require to start making world-class recordings from the comfort of your own home.

You just have to connect a few microphones to the interface to get going.

Jumping back and forth between the computer playback and input signal couldn’t be easier, and you don’t have to deal with any delays.

Presonus promises simplicity, portability, clarity, and reliability, and it delivers on every level.

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